On March 4, 2008, the Rosa M. Douglas Scholarship Foundation was founded in honor of Mrs. Rosa M. Douglas. It is a 501c3, tax-exempt nonprofit organization that focuses on her major issues of concern: education, women’s health, culinary arts/food service, and community awareness and leadership in the Carolinas.  Rosa Douglas and her mother, Eunice Wright Feaster, were both amazing culinary artists and highly respected community leaders. Unfortunately, many will never know them the same way we all were blessed to have known them. Their paths were ones we wish to follow. Their lives are ones we wish to share with others. We honor them, remember them, cherish them, and extend their legacies through charity events and community awareness projects such as the Mother-Daughter Health Forum and Luncheon and disseminating health-related information. 

Mrs. Rosa M. Douglas, 1948-2007, was a devoted wife, mother, friend, and community activist. She had a great passion for the culinary arts and shared her health struggles to empower others. She lived her life helping others. After her unexpected and sudden death, RMDSF was founded to continue her legacy.
Mrs. Eunice W. Feaster, mother of Rosa M. Douglas, was an amazing cook known for her chicken salad, cheese biscuits, carrot cake, and chocolate oatmeal “black” cookies among various other signature dishes and desserts. 
Board of Directors

Clarissa L. Douglas

Kim D. Anderson

Raymond L. Douglas

Angela Y. Douglas

Sherkea Mobley


RMDSF has been determined to be a tax-exempt nonprofit organization with rights and benefits to the full extent of the 501 Section of the IRS tax code. As of its founding, March 4, 2008, donations to the organizations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. RMDSF is a nonprofit organization founded in and based in Chester, South Carolina. It is registered and in good standing with the SC Charitable Registry. Feel confident in your philanthropy. Donate Now! 

Names & Initiatives

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